The photos below were taken with a Polaroid Land Camera. You can find these at thrift stores, yard sales and swap meets. I got a Model 335 at a flea market in Berkley for $8, which I think is a pretty good price because it came in the original case, with the flash, booklet and cold plate.

I like the effect of implied movement that you sometimes get with the Land Camera, well, almost everytime the subject is moving at all.

Model numbers to look for: 350, 360 420, etc. AVOID model #s of the 100 & 200 series, they take "roll" film (that's been discontinued) rather than cartridges.

The type film available is Polaroid 667 b/w and 669 color. These come in 10-pack cartridges and cost around $10-$15. Ask if they have out-of-date film- they usually sell it for less and it still works, most the time.

You can "draw" on polaroids, out of a one-step type camera (see example below). Right after the photo pops out, start "drawing" on it, with your finger, a pencil eraser, whatever.

Try it with a Land polaroid, before you pull off the chemical sensitive paper. Let me know how it turns out, I haven't tried it yet.

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