To present, support and encourage independent and experimental work by, for and about women.

I've appropriated the statement "Film and Destroy" conceptually as a means to disrupt the misogynous, fantastical, passive, destructive and denigrating visual representation of females that has, historically, been rendered by men and has for so long and so plentifully pervaded our visual culture.

What I would like to offer space for here, is not work in response to the above but evidence of the work of women that has and does exist within this arena of inaccuracies, to share, discuss, inform and advocate with images, words and insights, in various media, created from personal experience, women's subjective perspective, to access this site as a tool to exhibit realistic and meaningful representation.
This site is to also serve as a cornucopia of resources, ranging from personal insight and pirate techniques to where one can have Super 8 film blown up to 16.

Thank you for your interest and participation.


1. A trial made to confirm or disprove something doubtful; an operation undertaken
to discover some unknown principle or effect, or to test some suggested truth,
or to demonstrate some known truth; as a laboratory experiment.
2. The conducting of tests.
3. Experience.

1. Relating to, or based on, experience, esp. personal experience, as distinct from theory.
2. Of the nature of experiment; founded on experiment; as experimental media;
given to, or skilled in, experiment.

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