Friend and Filmmaker, MARK SABOURIN
in loving memory
August 24, 1974 - May 9, 2006

Mark Sabourin, born on August 24, 1974 in Flint, Michigan, passed away of colon cancer on May 9, 2006 at St. Peter Hospital. He attended Powers Catholic High School and Mott Community College before leaving for Olympia, Washington in 1997, where he attended The Evergreen State College. At Evergreen, Mark immersed himself in his passion for filmmaking, which began when his Uncle Leo gave him a video camera as a gift in high school.

Mark produced numerous short films, ranging from humorous stop-motion animations featuring small toys and handmade props to more ambitious live-action science fiction pieces. He also greatly enjoyed collaborating on film projects with his friends, particularly Bryan Connolly, with whom he shot the feature-length film, "The Great American Disease." Mark's films were shown at Olympia's Capitol Theater several times, yet his only concern was that his friends enjoyed them.

In recent months, he had also created music videos for local bands. In addition to his filmmaking, Mark enjoyed exploring new music, attending concerts, and, of course, watching movies. He also worked at Metro as a body piercer. Above all else, he loved to discover new and interesting things, and even in the face of adversity had an enthusiasm for life that was irrepressible. He made friends everywhere he went and valued each of his friendships sincerely.

He was preceded in death by his uncle, Leo Sabourin, and his grandmother, Osevina Sabourin, both of Flint, Michigan. He is survived by his best friend and partner, Mia Roth, his mother, Elaine Sabourin, and innumerable friends and loved ones.

Text by Mia Roth
(obituary published in The Olympian - May 13, 2006)

[producer, camera, edit, props, etc - unless otherwise noted]

The Savage Place: The Movie
(cinematographer/co-writer - with Bryan Connolly and Eric Fundingsland)

Attack of the Brain Sucking Fiend from Outer Space

(with Bryan Connolly)

Mysteries of the Lucky 7 House

Why We Food Fight
(cameraman - with Bryan Connolly and Lucas Trerice)

Joy of Spring

Lucas vs. the Giant Root Beer Float

The End or Michael Jackson vs. the Aliens

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